About Us

We started Street Style Store with only one vision in our mind - 'We want every woman to look her best'. We are passionate about fashion and we want to help every woman identify her style and help her make a style statement of her own!!   We spend a lot of energy and time in handpicking every item just to make sure that you always wear the "latest trends" whenever you buy from our online store.

We are crusaders first!

Yes we are selling shoes & apparel online but at our hearts we are not marketers but crusaders. We like to believe that we are fashion stylists first whom you can trust to give honest advice. Selling shoes and apparel only comes as consequence of it. For us its not losing a sale but sticking to our core belief of helping every woman look her best!!!.

We support the Local Industry

All our products are manufactured locally to ensure that we support the local industry which is struggling due to cheap low quality imported goods. While goods are manufactured by local craftsmen we ensure that they are no lacking in terms of being trendy and stylish.